Wellbeing is top of mind for so many today. The pandemic reminded us of the importance of both our Physical Health and our Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. These have become significant concerns in workplaces since 2020, as employers struggle to attract support and keep a productive workforce.

Since its inception, the Global Wellness Institute has promoted wellness across a variety of industries, supplying evidence-based wellness resources across the globe for more than 20 years.

The World Workplace Wellbeing Summit, has gathered the finest thought leaders and influencers, broadening the Global Wellness Institute’s deep reach into the topic of Workplace Wellbeing. Through deep insights and engaging, expert discussions the summit promises to expand your toolbox for making and implementing decisions to positively impact your business and the world at large.

Our Agenda


Bringing you our Second

Online Summit

“A World where Wellbeing is a priority in all Workplaces.”
June 3 - 28 2024

Four (4) One Hour Online Sessions per week

June is Workplace Wellbeing Month.

World Workplace Wellbeing Online Summit – Trends, Insights, Case Studies, Thought Leaders

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