Margo Fowkes

Margo Fowkes (pronounced “Folks”) is the founder and president of OnTarget Consulting inc., a firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals act strategically, improve their performance and achieve their business goals.

Author of award-winning Leading Through Loss: How to Navigate Grief at Work, Margo also coaches leaders on how to create a more compassionate culture by acknowledging and speaking openly about grief and loss in the workplace.

Following the death of her son Jimmy in 2014 after an eight-year battle with brain cancer, Margo launched Salt Water, an online community that provides a safe harbor for those who have lost someone dear to them – a child, parent, partner, sibling, close friend or pet. Inspired by Jimmy’s determination to live a rich, full life despite his circumstances, the blog posts and resources focus on healing and building a new life in the aftermath of a devastating loss.

Margo believes that grief needs to be acknowledged and witnessed before it can begin to heal.

Navigating grief in the workplace for leaders, employees and organizations

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