Eitan Vesely

Eitan Vesely started his career as a mechanical engineer at Applied Materials.  He worked there until he burned out and then found his way to entrepreneurship. Eitan made his mark in the field of Artificial Intelligence with his first startup in 2014, which was sold to a multinational corporation in 2019, where he worked as a senior director of AI Strategy and I novation. For years, Eitan was troubled by how many people were unhappy at work and how many were forced to leave jobs due to work-related stress or to get away from a manager. In 2022, he founded a People Analytics startup called Watercooler (in collaboration with Simon Sinek), which uses AI to detect employee vulnerabilities and burnout risk.  The company applies recent advancements in Explainable AI to ensure people are seen, heard, and appreciated – and at the correct frequency.

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