Ellenit Serrano

Ellenit brings over 30 years of global executive leadership experience at Fortune 100 organizations across the areas of Product, Operations, Finance, and Strategy. She is also a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Yoga instructor and Chopra Meditation Facilitator and has directed individuals and groups for over 12 years.
A passionate advocate for Wellbeing and authentic Leadership, Ellenit is the founder of “Be (W)ellenit” and the “Yoga to Lead Program”. Her mission is to produce a sustainable increase in wellbeing and happiness through creating healthier workplaces. As a Business Coach and Leadership and Wellbeing Advisor, she uniquely combines her skills and passions to deliver and implement impactful strategies and programs focused on business operations, leadership development and all facets of wellbeing: Physical, Mental, Spiritual/Purpose, Financial, Social, and Environmental. Her signature Yoga to Lead Program yokes the principles of yoga and leadership to ignite an authentic, human-centered management approach, increase employee engagement and ultimately impact the bottom line.

Be(W)ellenit ; The Yoga to Lead Program 

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