Ophelia Yeung

Ophelia Yeung has more than two decades of experience leading research and consulting assignments for global business, governments, universities and nonprofit organizations, including 20+ years at SRI International and as the co-director for the Center for Science, Technology and Economic Development. Under the auspices of the Global Wellness Institute, Ms. Yeung has created new frameworks for defining the size and scope of the global wellness industry and its many sectors. She co-authored numerous GWI studies, including “Future of Wellness at Work 2016,” “Build Well to Live Well 2018,” “Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2018,””Move to be Well: The Global Economy of Physical Activity 2019,” and “Defining the Mental Wellness Economy 2020.” Ophelia co-led the GWI White Paper series: Resetting the World with Wellness in 2020. She has presented at major industry events, written for industry publications, and given interviews on these topics. Ophelia received a BA in Economics from Smith College and a Master in Public Affairs from Princeton University.

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