Lisa Kelly

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace well-being, we find ourselves at a nexus where “Total Life” Well-Being spans the entire lifespan.

Our presentation explores the Five Transformative Shifts reshaping our field and their profound impact on the future of workplace wellness and the careers and lives of those we serve and support.

We will define and delve into the “Five Shifts” that are reshaping how we might approach employee and organizational well-being now and into the future:

  • Becoming a Cornerstone of the “Employee Experience”: Discover how workplace well-being is shifting from an add-on to a vital element (influencer and determinant) of the employee journey, transforming careers, lives, and organizational performance.
  • Architecting Well-Being Across the “Employee Lifecycle”: Explore how well-being should seamlessly integrate into every phase of an employee’s career journey, positively influencing their career path and retention.
  • The “Intergenerational Workplace”: Understand the complexities of a multigenerational workforce and the importance of responsive well-being programs that connect lives and foster inclusivity.
  • The “Longevity Era”: Embrace well-being as a lifelong journey via multi-dimensional solutions that connect healthspan, career span, and lifespan to optimize life choices and personal and career longevity.
  • “Total Life” Well-Being and Planning: Cultivate holistic strategies that encompass all facets of life and shape how we proactively approach personal and professional well-being.

Throughout this presentation, we will emphasize the necessity of customization for different generations, ensuring that well-being is a constant and adaptable companion on every step of life’s journey.

Become empowered with valuable, tactical insights for creating well-being approaches that resonate across generations, foster a healthier, more engaged, and sustainable workforce, and positively impact the lives and careers of those we lead.

NAVIGATING THE NEXUS: Total Life Well-Being, the Five Shifts, and the Reshaping of Workplace Wellness, Careers, and Lives

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