Nick Bracks

Mental health is a subject that’s incredibly personal to me. During my youth, I struggled with crippling anxiety and depression. And even as I found success as a screen actor I still had hurdles to leap, which is why I’m so passionate about promoting mental health education and awareness. I’ve worked alongside global mental health organizations and I have been called upon by corporations and universities to share my story and the strategies that I address in my book, Move Your Mind: How to Build a Healthy Mindset for Life. I’ve drawn on science-based strategies and practical tools to help readers develop positive habits that can lead to lasting daily improvements. I am infinitely interested in learning about other people, which I explore in my weekly podcast, Move Your Mind with Nick Bracks.

To further my mission of educating people about mental health, I founded Move Your Mind Pty Ltd, a mental health company that’s dedicated to creating change. And, my two TED Talks have struck a chord with audiences all over the world. In one talk, I shared how creative and entrepreneurial drive can help combat depression, while in the other, I discussed the growing suicide epidemic.

Beyond acting and advocacy, I’ve also pursued various entrepreneurial projects. I co-founded Happy Waves, an app that helps users find focus, deal with stress, re-energize, and be mindful through meditation. I launched an eponymous men’s underwear label, underBRACKS, as well as a successful restaurant venture, and I co-founded a nutritional supplements company. I split my time between Australia and the United States, and I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to create positive change in the world.

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