Melody Byblow

Registered Holistic NutritionistTM,
Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador
Executive Wellness and Leadership Coach
Stress master InternationalTM Coach
Founder and Owner Holistic Wellness Advantage Inc.

Melody’s passion and purpose for creating Workplace Wellness programs inspired by her 25 years working in high stress culture environments. She experienced firsthand how unhealthy workplace culture affects personal health – for her resulting in Burnout and Fibromyalgia.

Her resourcefulness and pursuit of wellness led her to training at CSNN which provided the foundation for her recovery and more. Holistic health was the catalyst for her personal health transformation and understanding the intricate connection between our environments, chronic stress, food, and wellbeing.

Melody’s experience and continued pursuit of excellence in Workplace Wellness and other training has provided her thought leadership with extraordinary perspectives.

Melody is committed to helping business leaders understand healthy workplace culture to support leader and employee wellness, productivity, performance, business success, and increased profitability.

She offers engaging holistic wellness programs and Stress Mastery coaching, resulting in healthier employees who feel respected and valued, perform better, reduce risk of injury and errors, and are more brilliant at what they do. ROI results in attracting and retaining top talent!

To learn more about Melody’s customizable and transformative programs for your business or for personal health coaching, book a Business Health Strategy Discovery 30-min call. Connect with Melody on LinkedIn.

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